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Reed Smith Associate Life 19 Our groups and networks We support our diverse lawyers through the following networks and affinity groups: LGBT+ network (PRISM) – PRISM is a visible champion for inclusion, diversity and LGBT+ engagement. PRISM acts as a forum for socializing, mentoring and networking within our firm and the wider LGBT+ community. Hispanic/Latino network (UNIDOS) – In addition to providing our firm and our clients with a valuable talent pool, UNIDOS helps promote the internal interests of Hispanic/ Latino lawyers and serves as a resource for the Hispanic/ Latino communities in the global markets that we serve. Asian American network – Our Asian American affinity group operates to promote Asian American interests within our firm and the communities we serve, as well as to foster opportunities for professional, personal and cultural growth. Group membership strives to embrace and bridge cultural differences among Asian Americans in ways that encourage cross-collaboration, promote respect, and create an impactful and powerful community. Sustaining and Training African American Attorneys at Reed Smith (STAARS) – This group works to increase and support the growth of African American lawyers at our firm across all ranks. True to our Diversity & Inclusion mission, the group endeavors to provide training, resources and other professional development opportunities to equip its members with the requisite skills to prepare them for leadership positions within our firm. Multicultural network (EME) – Our firm’s Multicultural Network (MCN) in the UK operates as an employee affinity group, as well as an external, client-facing network. MCN aims to promote and lead black and minority ethnic initiatives, and celebrate multiculturalism. The network provides an open collaborative space for all employees to share experiences and learn from each other. Veterans network (RS Vets, U.S.) – Our veterans affinity group has a vision to bring the veteran experience to our relationships and a mission to professionally develop its members, engage with local communities to support veterans, and organize diverse legal teams to meet client demands. While we acknowledge the challenges facing veterans and transitioning service members, we focus on the strengths, values and experiences that these candidates, employees and community members bring to our firm, our clients and our relationships. LEADRS network – Our LEADRS (Looking for Excellence and Advancement of Attorneys with Disabilities at Reed Smith) network focuses on supporting and enhancing the professional and personal development of lawyers with all types of disabilities, both mental and physical. We are proud to be a disability-smart organization, and we are committed to demonstrating that jobs for people with disabilities are both available and achievable at the top of the legal profession. Our aim is to be the law firm of choice for candidates with disabilities. Our members include people with and without disabilities, partners, counsel and associates, from a wide range of practice areas, as well as representatives from our senior management, human resources, and learning and development teams. For more information on our diversity & inclusion groups and networks, please visit “Reed Smith consistently delivers exceptional expertise and value to our matters, and is distinguished among its peers by a real commitment to diversity. They drive the diversity conversation with us. They don't wait for us to ask. Reed Smith's partnership in our diversity efforts is an important part of the business value they create for us as a client.” Jason Barnwell, Assistant General Counsel, Law Firm Engagement, Microsoft