Our Commitment to Adding Exceptional Value

10 Reed Smith LLP Our Commitment to Adding Exceptional Value Providing the support you need Secondments A true partnership means sharing resources – and our most valued resource at Reed Smith is our team of best-in-class lawyers. We can offer a secondment at whatever level suits your needs – from trainee to partner – to help cover absences, for one-off projects, or for longer periods within any particular team. Our approach to placing secondees is designed around your unique circumstances. Innovation Hub In both our New York and London offices, we have a dedicated space that has been designed to create “Innovation Hubs”: informal meeting rooms with creativity and innovation at the heart of the design. We encourage clients to come and use these rooms as “thinking spaces,” where their teams can meet, collaborate and innovate. We hope that you will visit our Innovation Hubs, and leverage our own knowledge management team to help bring your teams’ ideas to fruition. Reed Smith aims to foster a culture of deep and long-lasting relationships with clients based on outstanding service and support. In addition to the various methods already mentioned in the brochure, we also maintain our partnership with clients by sharing our resources. Sharing our resources “innovative, contemporary, unconventional” – Reed Smith client