Our Commitment to Adding Exceptional Value

Our Commitment to Adding Exceptional Value Reed Smith LLP 9 Anonymizer Utilizing artificial intelligence , Anonymizer applies rigorous data masking techniques to electronic documents for privacy protection. Eliminating the need for high priced local reviewers , Anonymizer masks personally identifiable information (PII) and has the added capability of enabling clients to “pseudonymize” selected names replacing pre-identified names with chosen pseudonyms. With application relevant to both our transactional and litigious practice, Anonymizer is a must have for clients looking to reduce review costs . Consent Tracker Winner of the 2016 Relativity Innovation Awards for Best Law Firm or Corporate Solution, our contract risk analytics and consent technology accelerates the M&A process by organizing master agreements and amendments, measuring and prioritizing agreement risk, automating third party consent and providing a secure and centralized deal room. ouRSite extranet ouRSite is a secure, customisable web-based case or matter management system that serves as a document repository, provides status updates, allows access to task lists and calendar events, and more. Draft Constructor Our market-leading document assembly technology allows us to automate the creation of anything from routine forms to complex packets of documents using a simple questionnaire. This technology increases the speed and consistency of document production and reduces risk, enabling less experienced team members to safely draft standard documents. Breach RespondeRS Reed Smith recently launched its Breach RespondeRS, an app developed completely in-house which assists companies in evaluating a potential data loss incident by applying the breach notification laws of 48 U.S. states to the known facts of any new potential data loss incident. Breach RespondeRS is the first tool of its kind which prompts companies to answer basic factual questions from which it provides an immediate response as to the likelihood that notification is required . Nearly every state in the United States has a data security breach law, requiring notice when certain personal information is lost, stolen, or misused. However, the many laws differ in small but crucial respects, making it difficult to get to a bottom line. We are always considering new ways to deliver legal services through technology ‘‘ ‘‘