Reed Smith Responsible Business Report 2019

56 Reed Smith Responsible Business Report 2019 Responsible Business Report 2019 Reed Smith 57 Green matters As a law firm with a global footprint, it is important to us that we reduce the direct impact of our business operations on the natural environment as much as we possibly can. We continue to improve our day-to-day working practices in relation to energy management, waste reduction and recycling, paper usage and travel. Green Committee New to 2018 is our Green Environment Committee. The committee was set up to increase employee engagement in tackling tough environmental problems and coming up with creative solutions, thereby gaining more buy-in from employees and creating a stronger culture of sustainability. Our London Office The Broadgate Tower has the highest possible BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating. Everything from materials to equipment was selected to make the building as environmentally friendly as possible. The lighting and air-conditioning in our offices are sensor-controlled and activated by occupancy. Daylight sensors are installed in all offices – reducing energy consumption by 20-60 per cent. Our offices are controlled by a building management system, which is set on a timer, keeping operational costs and energy wastage to a minimum. The Broadgate neighbourhood was awarded the Chairman’s Cup at the Clean City Awards 2018 – an achievement that reflects well on The Broadgate Tower – as we consistently achieve the highest recycling rate on the estate.