Reed Smith Responsible Business Report 2019

8 Reed Smith Responsible Business Report 2019 We have partnered with the children’s charity Theirworld for more than 17 years as it has grown to become a global force in unlocking education and skills for the most vulnerable children and young people. Reed Smith partners hold positions as trustees and on the advisory board of Theirworld, as well as on its US 501(c)(3) subsidiary, the Global Business Coalition for Education . Over the years more and more staff at Reed Smith have become involved in supporting both organisations in their commitment to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 - to get all children around the world into quality primary and secondary education by 2030. Sarah Brown with students at Mtien school in Lebanon. The school is supported by Theirworld projects including a snack programme and a tech hub for Syrian refugees and Lebanese students. Tamara Box Managing Partner, EME “Few, if any, things can make a bigger difference to quality of life than education. Theirworld supports giving all children the chance to fulfil their potential and through our many activities in support of TheirWorld, Reed Smith is helping to make that difference for children around the world - while also helping our talented people fulfil their own potential. I can think of no better example of our values in action!” “Reed Smith have played a truly engaged and productive role in Theirworld’s growth and development since the charity was founded in 2002. Together we have taken on bold challenges to address the issue of 280 million children out of school and the looming crisis where half of the world’s young people will not have the skills or economic support for their future. We have had tremendous support from the legal teams and other staff at Reed Smith to develop global campaigns, innovative pilot projects and groundbreaking community initiatives, and help towards the launch of the new $10 billion fund for global education financing.” Sarah Brown Chair of Theirworld In 2018, our lawyers worked approximately 1,000 global pro bono hours on Theirworld work. There is now real momentum to address the world’s crisis of millions of children not receiving an education. We are working with clients and governments on this, and we are proud to be part of the concept, development and launch of the International Finance Facility for Education at the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2018. This will be one of the most innovative finance mechanisms to catalyse funding for the education of children around the world.