Reed Smith Responsible Business Report 2019

94 Reed Smith Responsible Business Report 2019 Responsible Business Report 2019 Reed Smith 95 Delivering our services responsibly Engagement Our aim is to provide clear information about our services to our clients. We have established terms of business. Our policy is to have engagement terms with all clients. Ethics guidance We are fully committed to compliance with our Code of Conduct in our business. We have training programmes for our personnel, dealing with key ethical issues such as anti-corruption. We publish frequent blogs and other reminders as to how we expect our personnel to conduct our firm’s business responsibly. The team of dedicated risk professionals and senior lawyers who comprise our Professional Responsibility Committee support our personnel in their delivery of our services and in their compliance with our Code of Conduct and professional standards. Reporting concerns We have established whistleblowing procedures through which anyone in our firm can raise concerns about misconduct by any of our people, suppliers, clients or third parties. Ethical procurement We are committed to ensuring that our procurement of goods and services is responsible, ethical and sustainable. We work with suppliers so that they uphold the principles of our Code of Conduct as set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct and work with us in upholding ethical standards, human rights and workplace standards. This helps us meet our legal obligations, for example to prevent modern slavery (see our statement at www.reedsmith. com) but also to take into account suppliers’ corporate responsibility strategies in our buying decisions. We aim to be fair in our purchasing and we operate a whistleblowing policy, as detailed in our Supplier Code of Conduct, enabling our suppliers to report any concerns. We treat our suppliers in the way we expect to be treated ourselves, for example, by meeting payment terms and negotiating fair payment practices. We also expect our suppliers to treat their employees the way we treat ours. We support the Living Wage Foundation and in London we ensure that all of our onsite contractors are paid the London Living Wage as a minimum. We contract with suppliers on terms that meet ethical standards, such as those relating to anti-bribery and employee rights.